Our turn around times are 7 to 10 days on hand painted and 1 to 3 days on digital

General Questions

How Does This Work?

We use the photo you provide and hand paint a watercolor in the size you choose for your client closing gift.

Do You Frame?

We frame the watercolor in an off white mat board. Once you receive it, you can take a standard size frame, remove the back as you would when you put a photo in a frame. Remove the plastic envelope the watercolor is in, and put it in the frame and put the back on. It’s very easy and allows you to choose the frame of your choice.

Can you paint other things besides houses?

We’ve done many animals including dogs, cats, and even horses. We’ve done portraits as well as cars and boats.

What is your turn around time?

Our production time is approx. 7 to 10 days, then 2nd day air to you for hand painted watercolors and 1 to 3 days for digital watercolors. We also have a 3 day production time for a fee for some products. You'll find that on the page when you place your order.

How else can I present the watercolor?

Some agents have told us they create gift baskets tailored to their homebuyer. For example, a new homebuyer basket might include the painting, tape measure, duct tape, and masking or painting tape, a small flashlight, new batteries, pens and pencils, etc. Many agents present the watercolor in the plastic envelope it comes in. You can wrap it, or put it in a gift bag.

Can I add text to the painting like an address or family name?

Yes. On the order page, there's a box where you can add this option. The text will be displayed on the actual mat board, but it can still be framed in the same way. The text won't get in the way.

Photo Questions

How do I get my photo to you?

You can get us your photo in 1 of 2 ways.

1. Send it to photos@itsawatercolor.com. Please note that photos is plural.

2. You can also give us the address when you place your order in the box provided. We can find it online from one of the real estate websites. We’ll confirm with you once we found it to make sure it’s the view you prefer. 

Can you add or take things out of the photo?

We always take out for sale signs, cars in driveways, hoses and alarm signs as well as neighboring houses, for example. Depending on what an agent wants to add, we can usually do that as well. If you have specific additions, it’s best to contact us before you order.

Can you lighten up a dark photo?

The best paintings come from the best photos because we can usually see every detail, but we can often lighten up paintings that are dark.

What's the best time and weather for taking a photo?

The best photos come out with the least amount of shadows on a gray, cloudy day.

Can you work from renderings or computer drawings?

We don't work from renderings or computer drawings. We need to  have a photo of a mostly completed home. In other words if landscaping isn't complete, or a garage isn't installed, we can work with that and add those items in.

Do you send a proof?

Unfortunately, we send out so many paintings per day, that we do not send proofs but our products are always guaranteed.Yes. On the order page, there's a box where you can add this option. The text will be displayed on the actual mat board, but it can still be framed in the same way. The text won't get in the way.

Shipping Questions

Do you have different ways of shipping?

In most cases, we found that using 2nd day air instead of ground was actually less expensive. Additionally, it has convenient tracking and 2nd day includes insurance, should anything happen to your package.

Can you send directly to my clients?

Yes, when you place your order you can have a different shipping address than your billing address. Enter your client’s name and address and we’ll send directly to them.

Can you include a gift card when you send directly?

When you choose to send directly to your clients, we can include a card with a message from you. Send us an email and let us know what you would like to say in your card.