Marketing Tips

  • Put your card on the back of the painting. Use tape or glue stick and  your client will always have a super convenient way to get hold of you for future business or referrals.

  • Make your listings and print advertising stand out. With our enhanced digital watercolor paintings your listing will do just that. We'll create it, then scan it and send it to you in a .jpg file via email. 

  • When you receive your painting, take a picture and post it to your social media pages. Mention that you just sold that house, and you had this done for your clients. You'd be surprised how positively people will respond to the idea. It makes people notice you and your marketing tools ,which is always great for referrals. 

  • Have your listing done in our digital watercolor painting. It comes ready for a frame. Just drop it in to an inexpensive frame and set put it in your current listing with your other marketing material. 

  • You can have a digital watercolor painting done of your listing. Have the image printed on just listed cards and just sold cards. Send them to the neighborhood and also current prospects.

  • Take the digital or hand painted image of the home to your local printing spot and have it printed on notecards for new buyers. Add your info to the back of the card. Everyone they send it to will have your name and contact info.